Website Management

Simple, safe and hassle free website management service

The Web Essentials FACEUX team take on the burden. You concentrate on running your business – and we invest our time, skills and expertise in the background to maintain and develop your WordPress website. You literally don’t have to give it another thought – it’s all taken care of.

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Working Website

Make your site shine

Most customers visit your website prior to an enquiry or purchase. It’s your online sales tool – one of the most important parts of your business. Constant monitoring and maintenance ensures your site is healthy, reliable, fast and secure.

Happy Website

Peace of mind & control

Websites work 24/7/365, but so do hackers and software developers. It is vitally important that your website software is constantly updated and working perfectly. Google also loves websites that are safe and in tip-top condition.

Growing Website

Keep feeding your site

Adding regular fresh content to your website builds trust in your customers, by keeping them informed and updated. This then leads to more frequent visits from Google, resulting in greater opportunities for better rankings, lower bounce rates and more traffic.

Software Updates

Keeping your site safe, while taking advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Site Security

A security system that prevents, patrols and protects your website from online threats.

Performance Boost

Inject your website with rocket fuel to speed up load times, enhance performance and impress Google.

Statistics Report

Detailed statistical data on your website visitors, interactions, keywords, page rankings and more every month.

Multiple Backups

Trustworthy and reliable real-time complete backup system with efficient restore capabilities.

Cloud Web Hosting

Fast, reliable web hosting, that uses cutting edge technology for high performance. Used by over 70,000 websites.

Blog Articles

Professional tailored blogs that keep your website fresh, with a regular stream of industry and brand related articles.

Content Updates

Keep visitors up-to-date with your latest business info, while also improving your credibility with Google.

Test & Improve

Tailored reviews for hidden opportunities that can improve the power and performance of your website.

Working Smarter

Stop pulling your hair out

FACEUX is a service for people who (admit it) – aren’t ‘tecchie’. Perhaps you have a website to sell yourself, your goods or your services, but not a clue what to do once you have. Perhaps you have a designer that performs irregular updates, but you don’t really know what they do. Or maybe you have a site, sitting dustily out there in the ether, and it’s not maintained. It may need freshening up, revamping, new content – who knows – it just all seems such a confusing mess. Doesn’t it?!

To this end, FACEUX has developed the Essentials pack, so you can rest easy knowing your website is in good hands, so you don’t have to think about it.

Website Maintenance

Keep you website alive and project the right message

If you understand the importance of website’s in business today, then you should know that a static website is a dying website. Each time an update is made or content is added you are re-enforcing the quality of your business and your website. Google takes notice when you maintain high standards. This takes time and skill, so the smart move is let the experts cover everything, allowing you to put your valuable time to better use.



  • WordPress Update Management
  • 24/7 Security Patrol & Cleanups
  • Performance Boost
  • Monthly Statistics Reports
  • Multiple Backups
  • Premium Hosting
  • Free Content Update Session
  • Spot Check Test & Improve
  • Support, Guides & Tutorials
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Need something a little more custom?

We can certainly create a custom package just for you, maybe you need more content update time or would like a blog article everyday? Whatever it maybe, get in touch with your specifications and we will have the solution for you.